Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Season 2/Episode 1

Check out this week's episode, with our new interview segment. Guest AD Coach Nelson, interviewer Alexa Kay, host Jeremy Hayes, and sports reporters Daveson Perez, Ryan "Chevy" Chevaliar, Eric Russo, and Mike McMahon...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jeremy's NFL Rankings BCS Style: Week 2

What if the NFL ran a NCAA style of polling to decide who the best teams were to play in a championship game? 

Well, here are the rankings after Week 2

1. San Francisco 49ers (23)
#1...for now.

2. Atlanta Falcons (5)
Beat the #1 team. They jump up to #2.

3. Houston Texans (1)
They could be a Superbowl team or a complete bust.

4. Philadelphia Eagles (1)
Keep their mouths shut, keep Vick healthy and in the pocket, now you're talking.

5. Denver Broncos 
Manning looked ugly, but against a top team. Denver stays in the Top 5.

The rest of the field

6. Steelers
7. Packers
8. Ravens
9. Patriots
10. Giants
11. Bears
12. Cardinals
13. Panthers
14. Lions
15. Chargers
16. Buccaneers
17. Redskins
18. Cowboys
19. Jets
20. Saints
21. Bengals
22. Rams
23. Seahawks
24. Colts
25. Dolphins
26. Bills
27. Vikings
28. Jaguars
29. Chiefs
30. Raiders
31. Browns
32. Titans

What to watch for Week 2...

GAME OF THE WEEK: #3 Texans @ #5 Broncos

"DO SOMETHING ELSE" GAME OF THE WEEK: #26 Bills @ #31 Browns

CLOSE MATCH-UP OF THE WEEK: #8 Ravens @ #9 Patriots

JEREMY'S PICK: #2 Falcons @ #15 Chargers (Are they the real deal?)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jeremy's NFL Rankings BCS Style- Week 1

What if the NFL ran a NCAA style of polling to decide who the best teams were to play in a championship game? 

Well, here are the rankings after Week 1

1. Denver Broncos (17)
Manning is back. He looks ready to reclaim his spot as one of 4 elite QBs in the league. The defense can only improve, but the whole offense looks like it will be one of the best. The biggest concern is the offensive line, one bad hit to Manning, kiss any chances good-bye. Best team of Week 1 vs. an elite opponent.

2. San Francisco 49ers (7)
Alex Smith is the only concern for this star-studded team, if he stays average, they can win it all. Stay smart and focused, a lot of immature players...and their coach as well.

3. Baltimore Ravens (4)
Solid performance, an odd team to judge, but still earned enough to be at 3.

4. New England Patriots (2)
Are very close to Baltimore, maybe even better, but the Ravens get the upper hand for playing a better team. Pat's secondary still needs some work, as well as executing plays on both sides of the ball.

5. Houston Texans 
This year's dark horse with a very good chance to become a contender. Would be higher if not for a slow start against Miami, but still show they can be a deadly force.

The rest of the field

6. Steelers
7. Falcons
8. Bears
9. Giants
10. Packers
11. Saints
12. Eagles
13. Lions
14. Buccaneers 
15. Redskins
16. Chargers
17. Cowboys
18. Panthers
19. Jets
20. Bengals
21. Cardinals
22. Vikings
23. Rams
24. Chiefs
25. Jags
26. Colts
27. Seahawks
28. Raiders
29. Browns
30. Titans
31. Dolphins
32. Bills

What to watch for Week 2...

GAME OF THE WEEK: #1 Broncos @ #7 Falcons

"DO SOMETHING ELSE" GAME OF THE WEEK: #28 Raiders @ #31 Dolphins

CLOSE MATCH-UP OF THE WEEK: #8 Bears @ #10 Packers

JEREMY'S PICK: #3 Ravens @ #12 Eagles

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What the Boston Celtics could look like after the off-season...

2012 NBA Draft:
Dream situation for the Boston Celtics would be to use both of their draft picks this year, and getting Royce White and Jared Sullinger. White, Small Forward from Iowa State, would be a solid replacement for Paul Pierce once he departs. He is a Top-10 talent, and a future superstar if he can control his odd anxiety problems. Sullinger, Power Forward out of Ohio State, looks to be one of the best forwards in the whole draft, but has had his stock fall due to back problems. If healthy, Sullinger is a first year starter and Royce as well if the Celtics were to lose Pierce.

Clean House! The Celtics should rebuild around Avery Bradley and Rajon Rondo. That means only six players on the current roster. Here is a list of targets for the Celtics in no order:

-Leandro Barbosa, SG
-Chauncey Billups, PG
-Juwan Howard, PF
-Spencer Hawes, C
-Michael Redd, SG
-Jonny Flynn, PG
-Josh Howard, SF

Projected Roster 2012-2013:

Spencer Hawes
PF- Jared Sullinger
SF- Paul Pierce
SG- Avery Bradley
PG- Rajon Rondo
- Royce White, SF
- Jujuan Johnson, PF
- E'Twaun Moore, SG
- Sean Williams, PF-C
- Jonny Flynn, PG
- Leandro Barbosa, SG
- Juwaun Howard, PF

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Clash of the Rams Finale: The Debate Tournament

Episode 7 will be the last episode of the season and will be filmed April 23rd (online April 24th).

Who will end the year as our champion...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

LAST CHANCE: Vote "Ram of the Year" for COTR; Listen to us on our new Radio Show

Last chance, vote for the Clash of the Rams "Ram of the Year."

Tune in tonight and listen to our first Radio Talk Show hosted by Jeremy Hayes. Call in and talk to Jeremy at 6:30 P.M. and ask sports questions or even debate with him!